Last week in the Pro Football Challenge I came in last place amongst my fellow 'Squares (Townsquare Media employees) with a record of 6-10. I vowed to come back with a vengeance. Friday morning I would make my picks and redeem myself.

Friday morning, while listening to Bill Shuler deliver a sports report on KHMO, I heard that the Patriots beat the N.Y. Jets 13-10 on Thursday Night Football...making it too late to make my picks for the week.

I even received an e-mail reminder to get my picks in. But, yet I waited, not thinking that there would be a game before Sunday, the day I have become accustomed to watch NFL Football.

Some would argue - "but Michael, what about Monday Night Football?" I used to enjoy watching Monday Night Football when it was on ABC. Of course, I will watch the Chicago Bears when they appear on Monday Night, but there was a time when I would watch every Monday Night game. Since it moved to ESPN, it feels like something is missing.

Monday Night Football feels like an extension of the normal Sunday NFL Football experience. Thursday Night Football doesn't have the same feel. First of all - Thursday, really? The only thing you should be doing on a Thursday night is planning what you will be doing this weekend. Thursday is my official "house cleaning" day (that way I can do whatever I want over the weekend and not have to come back to a dirty house).

Thursday Night Football is not accessible to everyone. The only way to see a Thursday night game (unless you are in a home or away team market) is on NFL Network. Many cable companies only offer NFL Network through a premium tier package. I know I'm not going to pay that much extra just to see my Bears if they are on NFL Network (which they are on October 10, which happens to be my birthday).

When the Bears appear on Thursday Night Football, look for me in a "local establishment". I'll be the one with the Perry jersey and a cold beer.

My picks for next week? I have placed a marker in my Outlook calendar to do them Wednesday evening. Have you signed up for your chance to win $25 this week? Follow this link to play the Pro Football Challenge for your chance to win.