My family loves Monopoly! We have at least ten different versions of Monopoly - Chicago Bears Monopoly, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Monopoly, Nintendo Monopoly, Chicago Monopoly (the factory built version and one my wife created especially for me), just to name a few.

Justin Sullivan - Getty Images

Sure it takes three hours, and I usually win, but when we play it means a good amount of "family time" spent together.

The reason for my blog today is to announce my disdain for the new Monopoly piece:

The Cat.

Parker Brothers

I am not a "cat" person to begin with, but this is not the reason I am not a fan of the new piece. It is not because I am a big "iron" fan either. Take a look at the new piece. It is another one of those pieces that wont stay standing on the game board, so now you have to try to scoop it up in order to move it. Nothing to grab on to. It's going to look like a dead cat laying on the board.

This is why I never pick the Dog. I know - the Car does not stand up, but at least there is enough girth to it where you can easily pick it up.

My favorite piece - the boots from Nintendo Monopoly. Now that's something you can wrap your fingers around.

Which is your favorite Monopoly piece. Share with me below...