Well, I've been doing radio in the Quincy/Hannibal market for nearly 20 years now and I think KICK-FM might be the only place in town I haven't worked. That said, I'm excited to finally be here talking to the most loyal listenership in the area and will be honored if you're so good as to invite me into your homes, cars and workplaces. I'm honestly thrilled to embark on this new opportunity and make a new home. 

All of that said, I know I have big shoes to fill. Doc Holiday has been on the radio here even longer than me, and is of course a KICK icon. To take over the control board after him is a lot like a bench player coming in when an All-Star gets injured. Just stay focused and get the job done kid. (I can call myself a kid in this rare situation since Doc is slightly older than me :)). Doc has been great over the last week while letting me job shadow him and get the lay of the land here. Even though the radio part is a trick I'm familiar with, it's always a little bit different everywhere you go. I think with some luck I'll have it all down soon and be ready to roll.

Doc I wish you well... as I know your listeners do. We all hope to hear your dulcet tones on the air again. In the meantime thank you sir... and thank you all for making me feel welcome. I'll do my best to keep waking you up the right way in the morning.