March Madness isn't far away and this year your NCAA bracket can be worth one billion dollars to you... as long as it's perfect.

Yes, the stakes are higher than ever this year. If you can fill out a perfect bracket... pick the correct winner of all 63 games in this years college basketball tournament... you can enjoy a billion dollar prize.

The prize is being put up by Quicken Loans and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway in what they are calling the 'Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.' Any qualified entrant who puts up a perfect bracket will receive 40 installments of $25 million. A winner can also opt for a $500 million lump sum or share in that payment should there be more than one perfect bracket submitted.

So lace 'em up and get to know your college basketball teams. Entries will be accepted March 3 through March 19.