When you look at the picture above, you probably see pretty fall leaves. Wanna know what I see? Villainous intruders from the trees determined to smother my yard.  My father first introduced me to this battle when I was a kid.  At first, I thought my parents gave birth to me because they wanted a child.  I came to realize my dad was recruiting someone to mulch his leaves.If you've never heard of leaf mulching, basically it's chopping up the leaves with a lawn mower.  Some yard geniuses long ago determined this was good for your yard.  These tyrants probably never had to mulch their own leaves.  They probably had their own lawn dwarfs that they beat with sticks until they agreed to mulch their leaves.

I know this is an exaggeration, but it feels like I mulch my leaves fifty times a year.  I mulched my leaves last weekend and now six days later, my yard looks worse than it did before.  It's like the leaves are rabbits and are reproducing faster than I can grind them up.

By the way, I came across this video on YouTube of a guy mulching leaves.  Two thoughts.  First of all, this is officially the most boring subject ever put on YouTube.  Second, to me this guy looks like Colonel Sanders without the chicken.

Thanks a lot for that.  One minute and thirteen seconds of my life that I'll never get back.  The sad part is that video will be my weekend if you add about two hours to it.

Oh well, if you drive by my house this weekend, feel free to honk and mock....and if you're so inclined feel free to pick up a rake.  Join my yard battle if you dare.