I have too many mice.

Look at the picture above. Every time I want to do something I have to make sure I am gripping the correct mouse.

The mouse to the far right controls the on-air computer. When I want to play songs or commercials on the radio, I use this one.

Occasionally I want to start a song when I realize I have the gray mouse in my hand. This one controls the laptop sitting in front of me. I know this because I want something to happen on the on air computer so I frantically jiggle the gray mouse until the laptop beeps.

Then there is the mouse at the far left. This one controls the production computer, or the computer I use to produce commercials or record phone calls. Again - I want to start recording something when I realize that I have the gray mouse in my hand.

Maybe its time to feed the gray mouse some D-Con.

I didn't see nothing.