It's no secret. If you've listened to any radio station for more than a few minutes, you already know that we try to provide and include you in things that "enhance" your desire to become a faithful listener.

Over the years, KICK-FM has been fortunate to have loyal listeners that have stuck with us and continued to grow with us.  We exist, because of you - our listeners and sponsors.

My memory is perhaps a bit foggy, but I believe I have compiled a list of  promotions that have been considered in past years.


For some reason they just didn't happen and looking back, I suppose it's really for the best.

  • KICK-FM Neuter Day. I suppose it just didn't have the impact we initially thought it would.  Matter of fact, I believe the banner itself made some people downright uncomfortable.
  • KICK-FM Toilet Paper. Let's face it - it's a necessity of life. Initially, we thought we were on a roll, but thankfully, it came to pass.
  • KICK-FM Day At The County Jail.  In the planning stages, it sounded good. Promoting goodwill and throwing in some spiffy looking coveralls with our logo on them.  That was before the promotions crew sat down and watched Shawshank Redemption.
  • KICK-FM Trip For Two, To Monkey Run.  A nice little get away practically located in "our backyard." We thought it would be a simple, quiet (really quiet,) vacay, to a place with an intriguing name.  We also thought that Monkey Run might appreciate the population increase for the weekend. "What do you mean there's no hotel?"
  • KICK-FM Biscuit & Gravy Eating Contest.  We thought we'd take advantage of the huge crowd assembled in Hannibal, and offer this FREE to all the participants of the Hannibal Cannibal that followed. Again, EPIC fail.

In all seriousness, we LOVE making you winners. Cash, tickets to concerts and events, and other items are our way of saying THANKS for being GREAT listeners - online and on-air.