Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz's voices are so well matched it can be hard to clearly distinguish between them at times and in the case of their new song 'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me,' that makes for a very good thing.

Hunter Hayes is no stranger to country fans of course. The 22 year old star has been a mainstay on country radio since his 2011 debut hit 'Storm Warning.' He's followed that up with a #1 song, 'Wanted,' that crossed over onto the pop charts as well, and two more top 10 hits, 'Somebody's Heartbreak' and 'I Want Crazy.'

While Jason Mraz might not be on the top of country listeners' minds, the 36 year old has scored seven pop hits and won two grammy awards, and his style blends perfectly with Hunter's.

'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me' by Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz is our KICK-FM Pick Hit of the Week. Enjoy...