I don't know if I'm just getting older or the fact that I have been away from Chicago for over 20-years, but I am not handling the cold very well. I just drove past County Market at 48th & Broadway and their electronic billboard read 10 degrees.


But then I seem to remember it being colder in Chicago, and I was able to handle that.

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Numerous early mornings standing on an El platform watching my breath and feeling my running nose freeze against my face.

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Looking at this picture, I realize what the problem is - I'm running around with with my coat wide open, no hat, no gloves, and no scarf. I'm spoiled! Get into my garage-kept car, drive 23 minutes to work, and park 25 steps from the door to the office. No wonder I've become weak.

I should have to stand on the corner of Ross and Main and wait for the bus that shows up 20 minutes late, only to have it get to the El station at Marblehead just in time to see the B train pull out of the station. If that don't get you used to inclement weather, I don't know what will.

Hey - at least its not snowing...

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