I'll just come right out and say it. I'm being spied on and I'm tired of it. This is ironic considering the fact that I don't consider myself a very interesting person. The really bad news? You're being spied on, too.  It happens in your car, by what you do on your phone and yes, you're being spied on right now at this website.

Generally, I tend not to care about who's watching what I'm doing since I don't do things that I'm (normally) ashamed of.  But, it has become more annoying to me now.  Just recently, I was searching Amazon for some computer equipment.  (I am a geek after all)  Shortly after that search, I noticed that many of the items I had searched for were now coming up in ads at the top of websites I would visit.  What a coincidence...not!

Love that GPS and location service in your phone?  Handy, isn't it?  Well, many companies now use that info to track your every action.

If I were Alex Jones, I would probably be forming my own militia right now.  However, I have decided to go the other way.  I have started searching for really strange stuff just to throw off the spies.  Yes, that's why you'll often see me searching for and watching videos from Maxx The Sock Monkey.

I plan to mess with the intrusive overlords of the police state we currently live in as much as possible.  So, join me won't you and search for cottage cheese in football helmets...pictures of Bea Arthur playing the cello.  Just don't be surprised when episodes of the Golden Girls on DVD start showing up at the top of the KICK website when you do.