There will come a day when home delivery by humans is a thing of the past. I would never have thought that that day would come during my lifetime but low and behold it has. There is a humanless pizza delivery system being used in England.

I was reading the other day about how Domino's in the United Kingdom recently successfully delivered a home ordered pizza to that home by of all things, a drone.  That's right, a drone.

Here is how it works. You would call in your order by credit card and provide the address and in a few minutes this drone will land on your property and deliver the pizza to you. Before you say, "wow that's cool", you better think about it for a minute.

It's only cool if there is one or two of these drones flying around making deliveries, but what happens if there are hundreds or thousands of them flying at the same time?

Who would have thought you might need an air traffic controller to handle your pizza delivery. I can hear the controller now. "Pepperoni Drone you are cleared to land at 1234 Maine Street.  Sausage Drone, please hold at 9876 Hampshire."  My God, what kind of monster have we created?