Happy Birthday to my sister!

I am about to hop onto Facebook to wish her birthday greetings (which I dread, since every time I visit Facebook I end up getting sucked in for at least an hour, forgetting the original reason why I needed to go to Facebook in the first place...but that is another story for another day).

The art of finding an appropriate card at your local store, writing a cute little "personalization", signing, then placing it in the mail has gone by the wayside. Now (while you are supposed to be working), you can hop on a computer, open Facebook, and either click on a button that will automatically wish them a Happy Birthday, or you can write a personal message which will be seen by the 461 other people that wished them a Happy Birthday.

One of the newest trends is to visit the site someecards.com. This is a wonderful site, especially if the person you want to send a greeting to appreciates a "certain kind" of humor. I cannot decide which card I want to send my sister today:


I cannot decide which of these "Facebook reference" cards I like better...

or this one...

Because this blog is posted in a "family friendly" environment, I will not post some of the other cards I would really like to send my sister (I'm glad she can appreciate "that kind" of humor).

For those that still want to send a card, there are boutiques that specialize in fancy cards that can be sent. Here is a link to a Huffington Post article talking about one of those shops, and how it has contributed to American Greetings pulling out of the New Your Stock Exchange.

Luckily moms and grandmas still like to send the old fashioned cards in the mail, since its kind of hard to insert the "birthday check" in a Facebook greeting.