One of our favorite things to do at KICK-FM is to introduce you to new, local unsigned artists that are out there trying to make it.  Our paths crossed with a new band just to our south called The Brian Bax Band.  We appreciate Brian allowing us to put him through our usual cruel interview session complete with the swinging light and looks that only fans of NYPD Blue could appreciate.

KICK-FM:  Where do you call home?

Brian Bax:  Ballwin Missouri is my home, born and raised!

KICK-FM:  What and/or who influenced you to make music?

Brian Bax:  I’m never on a mission to write a particular song. Life graces us with a variety of emotions. I often have lyrics pop into my head when I’m feeling a particular way, then I harness the emotion and run with the song. Friends, Family, Women and God often inspire writing.

KICK-FM:  When did you sing your first song?  When did you write your first tune?

Brian Bax:  I discovered my voice for the first time as a freshman in high school. My sister was rehearsing for a choir concert singing Josh Groban’s , You Raise Me Up. I chimed in with her and my mother was shocked. I thought she was crazy when she told me I sounded great. As far as writing was concerned, I had many little tunes I dabbled with in high school and college age. I did not completely write an entire song until a couple years ago. It was at this time that I decided that Country Music was my passion and I was going to chase my dreams of making it a career.

KICK-FM:  Do you have any new projects you’re currently working on?

Brian Bax:  My band and I have many new projects that are coming soon! We shot a music video over the summer for “Little Bitty Sweet Thang” which debuted on YouTube in September. This is a real fun song and a must see video! We are currently awaiting the release of “Sinkin In”, A much slower emotional song with a reason to listen to. The subject matter of the song will be kept secret until the release but will be a hit and must see! We are really trying to make history with this song as Country Music to my knowledge has never covered these grounds. Truly emotional song! The release date will be on 12-9-12 and will be accompanied by a huge party/show Benefiting the USO of Missouri, Inc.

KICK-FM:  How do you use social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach your fans?

Brian Bax:  Social Media has been a huge avenue of exposure for our band and is most definitely helping us grow. We are active on Facebook and Twitter as “Brian Bax Band”. We frequently share events, photos, updates, music and more through our social networks. We have a couple different outlets on YouTube. Our channel is “BrianBaxMusic”, our music videos are featured on Director, Pascal Beaboeuf’s channel “BeautifulBeef”. Please Subscribe!

KICK-FM:  What’s next for you for the rest of 2012 and 2013?

Brian Bax:  Brian Bax Band has big plans for 2013 and even further down the road. We will be playing regular shows in town and some traveling. There is talk of a few large shows for us to open for larger artists. My cards have been dealt and we are ALL IN on making music! I hope for a bright future and more importantly hope for the fans to embrace our music and its message!

KICK-FM:  If someone listens to just one song of yours …which one should it be and why?

Brian Bax:  Although it has yet to be released, if I had share one song with the world it would be “Sinkin In”. The release is December 9th 2012 and will hopefully touch a lot of people! The song is very dear to me personally as well as many people in our country!

Thanks so much to Brian for allowing us to mean "interview" him.  Keep up with him at the band Facebook page and on Twitter!

Brian Bax Band photo by: Lauretta Bax Photography