Seems like I know more and more folks who are sporting a tattoo. Some people have them prominently displayed, while others choose to have their tattoos placed where they can show them off only when they want to.

I've always felt that getting a tattoo is a very personal decision. It's also usually very permanent, so a lot of thought should go into the design that you most likely will be wearing for the rest of your years on this planet.

We're fortunate to have  some great artists here in the local area.  It takes real skill and artistic ability to get it right, on a breathing, moving canvas.  I can't imagine how nerve-racking it must be for a new artist.  This isn't something that you want to screw up.

Sometimes as years pass, and people change, (we all do) so do thoughts about the ink that you wear. The tattoo that you got back when you were 20 might not fit the person you've become at 40.  I've always thought it might be humorous in 40 or 50 years from now, when they hold a tattoo contest at the nursing home.  Just how low, has that lower back tattoo really become?

For those who have regret over the tattoos that they have, it looks like there's hope. But it's not cheap and not completely pain free, either.  I was checking out MSNBC's site, and found this article,  about laser removal.  It's been around for a few years now, but this is a new type of laser, that lessens the amount of time between treatments.

So, if you're wanting to remove that ex-boyfriend's or girlfriend's name, there's finally hope.

But it's gonna cost ya...