YouTube is full of fun and quirky videos, and many of them were made right here in our area. We decided to randomly search YouTube for local town names, just to see what would come up. Here are a few videos we found.

Skating on Icy Roads in LaGrange

Don't try this at home, no matter how fun it looks. This is the perfect way to end up with a broken leg. Good for this guy that he escaped without injury.

Harlem Shake in Palmyra

Honestly, we had completely forgotten that Harlem Shake videos had been a thing. That sort of makes finding this video from Palmyra all the more enjoyable. Stuff never dies on the internet.

Dancing at Buffalo Wild Wings

This happened.

Quincy's "Nutroll Nazi"

"Nazi" might be a little bit harsh for someone that clearly enjoys his job as much as the baker at Underbrink's.

The Dancing Man

What would a local YouTube story be without a Dancing Man video? We've written entire pieces just about him. Here's a short video that shows what the Dancing Man is all about.

Bonus: Slow Motion Lightning!

This one isn't funny at all, but it sure is cool to see.