So here it is a major snowstorm in February.  Heavy snow is falling, the wind is blowing the snow and viability is down to less than a city block in places and there are people out driving in this stuff without their headlights on.  

I saw two vehicles driving without their headlights on today. People without a brain need to be home inside where  they can't hurt anyone and not driving their car today. What makes them think we can see them better today than any other day?  I don't get it! I can't figure people out sometimes.

The other pet peeve I have is that people won't clean off their lights or windows before they take off driving. I guess I didn't get the memo to stay off the streets when they are driving.  I forgot they are the only people that should be on the road. They might as well have Stevie Wonder drive their car for them.

Come on people! You can't be that dumb. Thanks for letting me vent.