I'm not the kind of guy that would normally get super excited about a commercial. In fact, while I'm sure there are those types of guys out there, it's probably safe to assume that the number of them is pretty small. That being said, I was watching college football over the weekend and was amazed by a new commercial from Dick's Sporting Goods.

Apparently I'm not the only person impressed by this commercial - which is really more of a short film than a commercial - because it has been watched over 160,000 times on YouTube. I noticed a lot of people commenting on how it brings back fond memories of their football playing days. I had some of those same thoughts, too, but that's not what impressed me the most about the commercial. Watch the video below and see if you notice what I noticed about this piece that makes it look more like a movie than a TV commercial.

See anything unusual? Anything that makes this commercial stand out? Here's what impressed me so much: The commercial is one continuous take. The camera moves all around the field, shoots players on both sides of the ball, and the sidelines, then wraps around to the quarterback taking the snap without making a single cut. There's no editing. This couldn't have been easy to accomplish for the crew that shot this video. I would love to know how many takes they had to shoot before it turned out right.

After I looked this commercial up on YouTube, I noticed that there is also a baseball version of the same thing, which is also very good. Hats off to Dick's Sporting Goods for producing a couple of quality commercials that are actually enjoyable to watch.