Let me start by saying I like Eric Church. I enjoy his music, and yes, he is pretty cute (so several people I know tell me). But when I saw the cover to his latest album, Chief, it didn't sit with me well.

I have never been a fan of the "dark sunglasses and low sitting ball cap" look. But something about that particular album cover was disturbing to me.

It then dawned on my where I have seen that picture before. Banks in Missouri have been passing out pamphlets talking about their "No Hats, No Hoods, No Sunglasses" program, to help avert bank robberies in the state. The picture on the pamphlet looks eerily similar to Eric Church.

WANTED for playing hits and robbing banks. Considered armed with a guitar and extremely talented.

Have album sales not been good as expected? Be on the lookout for Mr. Church, as he comes "Creepin' " around our local financial institutions.