Personally, I think you ladies got the short end of the deal in the "how genders are expected to clothe themselves" category. I'll take jeans and a t-shirt over a dress any day. (Feel free to exhale a collective sigh of relief as no one wants to see red leg hair...I know I wouldn't) But, for the most part, you gals do a great job making dresses work. But, it seems like fancy pants big city people are always trying to make dresses out of weird stuff and that's where they lose me.

One example that was featured by Twelv magazine (no, I didn't misspell that) was a dress made of fifty thousand gummy bears.  It doesn't help that the model in the picture looks like a reject from The Munsters.

The folks at Design Swan (yes, it's true...I actually went to a website called "Design Swan") did a pretty nifty list of weird dress materials including toilet paper, chocolate, bubbles and Skittles.

Have you ever made/worn a weird dress and are willing to share the experience?