Earlier this week, my family experienced the one thing that no family wants to experience. Our TV failed...spectacularly. I remember the moment we realized it was gone, my wife, kids and I just looked at each other in a stunned silence. Nothing but a small flashing red light on the front of our set that told us the end was here.

We had some good times together. I watched Freese and the Cardinals win the World Series on this thing. So many episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" were laughed at because of this TV...yet not one "Bazinga" was uttered as it died. It just sat there and flashed.

I realize all of this is unnecessarily dramatic considering all of the real problems the world has happening on a daily basis. But, I was amazed how we reacted to having no television. It was like we were entitled to have a TV...that there was just something not right about having to sit in a room in silence with no reruns of "Friends" playing in the background.

Truth is I feel guilty about this whole ordeal. Some families struggle to put food on the table, yet here I am feeling indignant because my HDTV won't allow me to watch "Pawn Stars" when I want to.

Could you live without TV? Do you live without TV? I hate to admit it, but I don't think I'm capable of not being able to watch Cardinals games. Yes, that probably means in the event of civil war, I'm gonna be one of the first weak ones to expire. But, I can't help it...My TV is gone and I miss it already.