The ice bucket challenge for ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis) has swept the nation of late, and KICK-FM's Brian Myles and Michael Rose got all wet in accepting that challenge.

The premise behind the ice bucket challenge is to have a bucket of ice water poured on your head and make a $10 donation to ALS research, or skip the ice bucket part and make a $100 donation. The next step is challenge someone else to do the same. To date, well over $20 million dollars has been raised for the ALS Association in their ongoing efforts to find a cure. Donations can be made online.

Celebrities, athletes, politicians and regular folks from all walks of life have been stepping up to take the challenge and help fight this disease, which is commonly called 'Lou Gehrig's disease" for the Hall of Fame baseball player who died from ALS.

Watch Brian and Michael take the ice bucket challenge and see our interview below with Judy Carpenter, who's husband Gary suffers from ALS.

An interview with our friend and former co-worker, Judy Carpenter, an ALS Advocate whose husband suffers from the disease:


As someone who's personally affected by ALS, what is it like handling it on a day to day basis?
 With ALS you are dependent on others to do simple tasks that we all do without thinking...brushing your teeth, shaving, quote A Mile in ALS Shoes "Strap 25 pounds to your forearm. Now, adjust your rearview mirror". A Mile in ALS Shoes is on my Facebook page. It will give you a good idea of what living with ALS is like for one."
Are there any treatment options available to help?
 NO TREATMENT and NO CURE It takes your ability to walk, use your hands, speak, eat, and eventually breathe. Most die within 2 to 5 years. You have a 10% chance of living past 5 years. 60% of ALS patients in this country are our Veterans which my husband is."
What do you do as an ALS Advocate?
 Contact lawmakers regarding ALS research funds, and spread ALS AWARENESS in hopes of DONATIONS to the ALS charities."
What advice would you have for a person newly diagnosed with ALS, as well as for their family?
Go live as much life as you can NOW!"