reported that the value of what dad's do at home has risen over the past year.  This was according to a study done by and  Don't get too happy if you're a dad though.  We still trail the value of what mom's do around the a large margin.  Quoting the article:

Your father may be your hero, but his value takes a hit when we look at tasks he does around the home, according to’s 2012 Father’s Day Index.

The index, which takes a look at jobs associated with fatherhood, found that the paycheck for Dad’s domestic tasks this year would be $20,248.

Couple things.  First of all, don't expect a paycheck arriving for your dad chores anytime soon.  And, second, we still don't hold a candle to what mom contributes which is estimated to be north of $60,000 if there were a paycheck given for what the ladies do. has a neat "Dad Calculator" where you can figure out what you or your dad is worth.  Although, truthfully, I'd much prefer to hear what your dad means to you in the comments below!  We'll share some on the radio between now and Father's Day!