If you have any Cardinals friends on your Facebook friends list, no doubt you've probably seen plenty of gloating about how bad a year that Albert Pujols is having.  And, when we say bad year, we mean Albert is having a really bad season so far.  NBC Sports (and numerous other national sports outlets have started piling on:

This can’t last. Of that much I’m certain. But dudes: Albert Pujols just went hitless in his fifth straight game. He’s 0 for 19 in that stretch. I’m thinking of moving to Defcon 4 here.

ESPN even went so far as to say that Albert is no longer the best hitter in baseball.  I'm not gonna argue statistics.  And, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a tiny part of me that takes glee in Albert's suffering after he abandoned us Cardinal fans.  But, I have now repented of that.

There is a principle at work that has caused me to change my tune.  First of all, when it comes right down to it, baseball is just a game where grown men run around on a field and try to whack cowhide balls with wooden sticks.  What they do off the field is much more important to me than what they do on it.  And, there's no arguing that Albert's Family Foundation does amazing humanitarian work.

Truth is I am much more interested in your opinion than in mine.  So...that brings us to our question...