Mysterious drones have been in the news again. This is not new to the Midwest as there are numerous reports of strange encounters. So far, no one seems to know where they came from or why they've disappeared.

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I saw this story on The Drive today about mysterious drone swarms in California. It apparently involved a warship. As recent as just a few months ago, there was an event known as "attack of the drones" in the Midwest. They were sighted over Missouri, Nebraska and then seemed to move westward toward Colorado. The FBI even got involved.

These drone swarms of unknown origin even involved the Gateway Arch a few years ago. The Guardian's story about the Midwestern drones mentioned:

But as quickly as the drones came, they disappeared. “That was it, they were gone,” ..More than a year later, no one knows who was behind the drones.

I suspect that someone is spying on us and I'm not the first person to raise that question. The Heritage Foundation believes it's something much more sinister. They assert that potentially Chinese or Russian intelligence agencies are spying on American resources. Why?

Specifically, why the Midwest? Along with the military bases and missile assets in our part of the United States, it doesn't take a rocket scientist (or does it?) to figure out what foreign powers may be trying to learn secretly from our skies.

These brand new reports of intrusions by drones in the west we can't identify make me wonder if we'll soon see the phenomenon again in the Midwest. Matter of time, I believe.

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