Quincy has seen a lot of growth in new businesses within the past few years, but there are also several that have closed in the past. I would love to see these stores come back to the Quincy/Hannibal area.

KB Toys - Located in the mall, this was the place to get all the latest toys. I miss having a store dedicated to just toys. Yes, there are stores that have toy sections. But an actual TOY store? I admit, I would go in there and play with the toys myself.

K's Merchandise - Formerly located at what now is the 48th & Broadway County Market, this was a pretty neat store. K's had everything from furniture to toys to jewelry and electronics. I still have my massive tube TV and sectional couch that my husband and I bought from K's when they were going out of business.

Ben Franklin - This used to be at 18th & Broadway and then for a short period at 831 Maine in Quincy. It was just another fun arts & craft store where could get lost in all of the projects that you wanted to do. There is still one open in Monroe City, Missouri.

Blockbuster - I admit, this one's not unique to Quincy. And the chances of it making a return are pretty much non-existent. Still, I was sad to hear that this chain was going out of business. With cable, Netflix, Hulu, and other ways to watch shows and movies, Blockbuster just couldn't keep up.

Merkel's - This was a local sporting goods store located next to The Abbey restaurant. But with big box stores coming into the mix, it just couldn't survive much longer. Recently they building was demolished to make way for a larger parking lot for The Abbey.

We recently asked you what store(s) you rememberHere are a few more businesses that you would like to come back:

  • Diamond Dave's
  • Wilson's Leather
  • JC Penney's
  • Deb
  • Vanity
  • Little Folks
  • Smaks
  • T Shirts Plus
  • Gap
  • Chess King
  • Casual Corner
  • Caldwell's
  • Shopper's Faire

Did we miss any?


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