Last weekend my girlfriend was out of town. I told her that I would try to keep myself busy.

Now those that know me know that I don't like to sit still. I have a hard time relaxing. So when I said that I would keep myself busy, it wasn't much a stretch. I enjoy keeping myself busy.

So last weekend I kept myself busy by:

  • Re-installing Windows on my laptop
  • Cleaning my bathroom
  • Tucking speaker wires under my carpet
  • Recording a concert at HLGU
  • Replacing a headlight on my Focus
  • Changing  the oil on the same Focus
  • Examining a transmitter fault at the radio station
  • Building additional counter space in my kitchen

This coming weekend I will be working at a radio station event at the Eagle Nest Hotel, meeting up with people in Hannibal after the event, attending the Society of Broadcast Engineers Christmas party in Springfield, watching (hopefully) the Bears - Browns game, and finishing the aforementioned counter.

As I said before, I enjoy keeping myself busy. But I wish I could relax. I always feel there is so much to do, that I end up beating myself up when I do take time to relax.

So - how do you relax, even if you know there are so many things that need to be done?