I see it all the time: drivers texting and driving. Luckily, I have avoided being in an accident with a distracted driver but many have been seriously injured or lost their lives at the hand of a texting driver. Well, Illinois is about to get a big wake up call that will hopefully put an end to the practice once and for all.

Under the new law, which goes into effect on January 1 of 2019, if you are pulled over for texting and driving, you will not only get fined, but it will count as a moving violation. Under the current law, the citation does not count towards a moving violation. According to WGEM, under the new law, three citations in a year could result in the suspension of your licence.

I am hoping that with this new, tougher law people will take more responsibility when getting behind the wheel. I lost a very close friend in a car accident when she was hit by a driver who was texting and my sister was involved in an accident that totaled her car when she was hit by a driver texting and driving. Be safe, everyone. PLEASE do NOT text and drive.