What are the Most Popular Football Snacks? [Poll]
The Super Bowl is coming up on February 2. Quite honestly, I don't care about either team playing this year (no offense, Denver or Seattle fans). Even so, I'll probably still watch the game, if for no other reason than to have an excuse to fix a bunch of really unhealthy snacks.
Dick's Sporting Goods' Football Commercial is Amazing
I'm not the kind of guy that would normally get super excited about a commercial. In fact, while I'm sure there are those types of guys out there, it's probably safe to assume that the number of them is pretty small. That being said, I was watching college football over the weekend an…
QND at Hannibal
It's been hot all week, and it's expected to remain hot for the next several days. Several area schools have been dismissing early because of the current heatwave, including Hannibal Middle School and Hannibal High School. We are now hearing that Friday night's varsity football game between the Hann…