City of Quincy

Price Hike for Quincy Trash Stickers
Garbage stickers in Quincy are getting more expensive. On an 11-3 vote, the Quincy City council increased the price to 75 cents. Residents also have the choice of using a larger tote for a monthly fee. The increase is effective May 1.
Don’t Forget to Clear Snow Off Your Sidewalk
It looks like your shovel is going to be your best friend for the next few days. Thank goodness it was a dry snow and very light in texture which makes for easier shoveling. As you already know, driving conditions are not the best despite the efforts of City, County and State plows that have been wo…
The Quincy Fire Department Red Wreaths Need to Remain Red
The Quincy Fire Department has placed wreaths with red lights on them at all of their firehouses around the city of Quincy. The idea is to have nothing but red lights on the wreath which would mean a fire free Christmas season for homes in the city. Any home fires that occur would cause the Fire Dep…

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