Captain Marvel

Want to Make $1,000 Watching Movies?
I am not happy about this at all. Because I watched all of these movies a month ago in a row over the course of three weeks leading up to watching Captain Marvel. If I would have known about this I totally would have waited and tried to get paid for it.
Here’s Your First Official Look at ‘Captain Marvel’!
Last night, Brie Larson sent out a not-so-cryptic tweet teasing the first official look at Captain Marvel: “Hey EW, I’m bored. Wanna break the internet tomorrow?” While the internet is, unfortunately, still operational (as of this writing, anyway), Entertainment Weekly has indee…
5 Biggest Things to Come From Comic-Con 2016
Nerd Christmas happened this past weekend, as costume clad genre fans descended upon San Diego to frighten the locals with their crazed demand for The Walking Dead spoilers, not knowing that THEY ARE THE WALKING DEAD! Well Greg Nicotero didn't reveal whose brains Negan smashed in, but we did get a r…