If you're a panda fan, there's a new reason to road trip to the St. Louis Zoo. They just shared that they have a new red panda named Winnie.

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This great panda news was just dropped by the St. Louis Zoo on Facebook today with the following details about how Winnie has joined the other red panda, Pete, in St. Louis.

As the St. Louis Zoo mentions on their official website, red pandas normally live in bamboo forests in mountainous areas. That makes creating a habitat for them in a zoo a real challenge. However, the St. Louis Zoo has a great one and I'd have to imagine that Pete the other red panda will be thrilled to have a new friend.

Red pandas tend to be active at night and sleep in trees in daytime. That's a routine that I'd like to try. Looks like Winnie was recommended for the St. Louis Zoo by a conservationist group trying to help protect the species. That's high praise in the world of rare pandas.

For more info, check out the St. Louis Zoo's page for red pandas. Yet another reason to pack up the family and head to the big city for a zoo visit.

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