It used to be that you had to take a trip all the way up to Chicago to get Shake Shack. Or at least hit the Dubai International Airport. But how many times are you really willing to fly all the way to the United Arab Emirates to get a SmokeShack burger with a vanilla concrete? I capped myself at 18 times. Flying to the UAE 19 times in one month just seemed ridiculous. Eighteen made sense, but 19 was excessive. Especially since I've gotta fly out of Chicago to get there. Why don't I just stop at one of the Chicago Shake Shacks? That makes way more financial sense. Maybe this is why I have a bad credit score. Because I've been making 216 international flights per year just to get a burger. I need to reevaluate many of my life decisions.

Shake Shack Raises Prices For Upcoming IPO
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Anyway, Shake Shack is coming closer to Quincy by way of the S-T-L, as the kids call it. Shake Shack was founded over a decade ago by St Louis native Danny Meyer, and he's finally able to bring his wildly popular "fine-casual" restaurant to his hometown. The fancy burger joint will open in the Central West End on Monday, December 11th.

I think within a few years we could probably put up a good argument to get one here in Quincy. After all, it was ranked the sixth most popular restaurant in Illinois, and subsequently ranked fourth in a local poll for which restaurants you guys want in our town.

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