I had a greyhound once that ate an entire one pound bag of M&M's. Except for the handful that were stuck to the fur on his side that is. We've all heard that chocolate can be toxic to dogs and I have no doubt that can be true. In Damien's case however it just made him go outside a lot for a couple days. It probably helped him being really big. The biggest greyhound I've seen to this day in fact.

I had a ferret who ate part of a dvd case, various paper products, cardboard and I still believe to this day he ate the wallet I've still never found. Yes I did feed him actual ferret food every day but where's the fun in eating that if you're an adventurous ferret with free reign of an entire apartment. I felt bad if I put him in his cage. Well unless he tried to eat my toes in the middle of the night.

Carrie Underwood's dog Penny is in the news today for eating ants... and having an allergic reaction from it. Carrie tweeted "Attn pet owners: make sure to have benadryl handy in case your dog gets stung. This is Penny before and after. (pic) I mean, what dog eats ants?! She's fine now but it made for a scary morning."

So what's the strangest thing a pet of yours has ever eaten?

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images