If you were planning on going to Fuji Steakhouse this weekend to have dinner on the hibachi grill, you might want to read this first.

A post on the Fuji Steakhouse Facebook page stated the until further notice the hibachi grills will not be in use. So if you wanted to get a group together for a celebration, keep that in mind. You can still sit at the grill, but unfortunately all cooking will be done in the kitchen until the grills are back in working condition.

The reason for the shut down of the grills was due to an mechanical issue and there's currently no timetable as to when they'll be back up and running. The booths and sushi bar will remain open as usual while the grills are repaired.

I love Fuji, so I'm happy that I can still get my Fuji fix, just without the show (I guess that means no onion volcanoes for a while). Hopefully everything is back up and running in no time.