Luke Bryan is generally a friendly, positive guy, but some American Idol contestants have gotten the wrong impression while singing in front of the country star and his fellow judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. His "focus face" is ... uh, well, it'll make you think you're not going to Hollywood.

“It’s a negative look," Bryan admits to Taste of Country, noting that he's not the only member of the Bryan family who looks like he just smelled something unpleasant when he's intently concentrating: "I get it from my dad," Bryan adds.

"When I’m really concentrating and really focused on what the contestants are doing, I’ve gone back to look at it, and, yeah, it’s not a pleasant look," Bryan admits. “I’ll contact my plastic surgeon for a more polite focus face," he jokes.

Fellow country singer Gabby Barrett knows Bryan's formidable "focus face" well. "When I first did the audition, I didn’t know if he liked me," she says of Bryan. "I was confused."

Bryan says he was deep in concentration during Barrett's audition, not disappointed. "I think she is one of the more dynamic vocalists I’ve ever heard," he says of the Idol Season 16 third-place finisher, who now has a Top 20 country radio single ("I Hope"). "So I [was] studying her voice and I [was] studying her potential."

A brand-new season, the 18th overall, of American Idol premieres on Sunday night (Feb. 16) on ABC. This season will be the show's third on that TV network, since being canceled by Fox and then revived

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