Any time my family and I get a free weekend, I try to find fun things to do with my kids. And this place is definitely on our list of FUN places to enjoy.

In a list of top family-friendly eateries in Illinois, appropriately included Quincy-area favorite Going Bonkers. The article describes Going Bonkers as a family attraction for all ages. The popular hangout includes a legendary indoor play center, arcade, and full snack bar. Going Bonkers is located at 229 North 48th, in Quincy.

While parents (and kids) throughout the area definitely know how much fun Going Bonkers can be, it's nice to see a Quincy business get this kind of recognition.

Other kid-friendly eateries that made the list are:

These all look like so much fun to check out. Road trip, anyone?

UPDATE: Looks like the folks over at had a little more to say about Going Bonkers. They just wrote an entire article about it!