For a few years as a kid, I lived in the small town of Warrensburg, MO. And one of my best memories of that place was hitting the roller rink. Because that was a fun night out with friends. We were pre-teens, and this was when AOL was a thing that exists, so on summer nights it was the roller rink or stay home and watch TV (when we didn't have ball games), which the parents hated. Now it's been almost 20 years since I was last a roller rink. I rollerbladed in high school, but that fell off when I went to college where it was snowed 13 months out of the year (Upper Michigan). Fortunately there are some roller rinks within striking distance of the town I now call home, and it may be time to strap on some skates and roll around in a lazy circle while the greatest hits of the 90s play, as I assume/hope the music selection hasn't been updated since 1998.

HEY! Remember the movie Roller Boogie with Linda Blair from 1979? Good times. Or Skatetown, USA with Chachi, Marsha Brady, a young Patrick Swayze (as Ace Johnson). But I digress...


If you find yourself in Montgomery City, check out Skate Quest. They're only open Friday and Saturday Nights, but that's when you don't need to wake up early in the AM, so it all works out, and you can skate until midnight. They even close out the night with blackout skating and a laser show.


Right here in Quincy we've got Scottie's Fun Spot which is open all week long. The rink closes early on weekdays, but has extended hours on weekends. It even hosts the Dead River Derby Coalition for practices and home games (with a game coming up this weekend). They are the oldest family owned skating rink in the country, celebrating 80 years in business this year.

Skateland of Jacksonville, offers daytime skating during the week, closing for private events at night, with extended hours on weekends.

And of course if you find yourself visiting St Louis, Chicago, Springfield or Davenport, they offer quite a few skating rinks so you can get your skate on. Here's a handy tool to find one near you, or where you're gonna be.