Long before Michael Jordan's last dance with the Chicago Bulls, he was a rising NBA star still looking to prove himself in front of any crowd and any competitor, including country legend Kenny Rogers.

The pair would face off in a barely remembered but epic clash in 1988. It wasn't a one-on-one match, as both had a team filled with NBA all-stars, but they had several one-on-one moments, and not every one of those went the basketball Hall of Famer's way.

At age 50, Rogers fakes Jordan out of his sneakers before casually hoisting a 21-foot jump shot and landing nothing but net. Announcer Chick Hearns says Rogers "puts Michael Jordan in the popcorn machine" and that can't be a good thing. But don't worry, MJ would get revenge.

This game was one of several enjoyed over three days of competition during the Kenny Rogers Classic, a charity event held yearly. Larry Bird and Isaiah Thomas were among the NBA players involved, while Kris Kristofferson also played country music and basketball. At one point in the game Rogers tried to sneak in a layup, but seemed to forget Jordan can jump like a kangaroo and finds his shot swatted to Mississippi.

Still, it was a close game, with a Jordan shot winning for his team. Both men would become Hall of Famers in their respective fields, but until Jordan tops the country music charts, we're going to give the overall edge to the late Rogers.

Jordan should have known when to fold 'em.

Rogers died at the age of 81 on March 20, 2020. A documentary on Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls called The Last Dance is currently airing on ESPN.

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