The official Illinois state insect is NOT a cicada, the insect getting all the media attention lately. Our state insect is the beautiful Monarch Butterfly, and millions of them are currently migrating their way to Illinois.

Interesting Facts Abou Monarch Butterfly

Illinois' state insect has been mesmerizing people looking toward the sky for a little over a month.

The video I want to share with you I've watched several times today for the same reason you will. Because we're not living in Mexico, we're not there to see so many monarch butterflies in flight together.

Their migration from Mexico to the northern United States and southern Canada begins in late February through early March, so by the time they get too us in northern Illinois, they['re scattered everywhere.

As the Instagram account @rawrszn said, it's mesmerizing to see millions oof butterflies filling the sky like this.

The visual you'll see isn't even the most fascinating part of their migration voyage.

When monarch butterflies start heading north, their focus is on reaching their breeding grounds in the most northern parts of their range.

Here comes the MOST FASCINATING PART of the monarch's migration.

This migration is completed over multiple generations.

The first generation will pop out of their chrysalises in Mexico in late spring in May or June\ and soon start laying eggs.

According to @rawrszn, as they travel north, these butterflies may reach the northern US and southern Canada by mid to late summer. In the fall, a new generation of monarchs that have not previously reproduced will migrate back to Mexico, completing the cycle.

Now watch this!

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