Since it's graduation time for many Missouri institutions of higher learning, it seems like an appropriate time to crown the worst university in Missouri. There are multiple internet "experts" that seem to agree about the winner loser.

I saw a site called Domesticated Companion name what they believed was one of the worst universities in America that just happened to be in Missouri. Since they didn't link to the sources of their data, I went and found my own to see if they agreed with their conclusion. Spoiler Alert: They did.

I found two additional sites who also named the same Missouri university as what they consider the worst in the state. The first is Education Alot. It bases its conclusion based on graduation rate and also median salary of graduates. The other is College Simply which ranks Missouri universities based on graduation rate alone.

What Missouri university did all these sites name as the worst in the state?

Harris Stowe State University

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

According to College Simply, Harris Stowe State University only has a graduation rate of 7.6%. Their data also shows it's the only Missouri university with single digit graduation rates. Education Alot piles on saying that their graduates only average an annual income of $26,700 after 6 years.

Full disclosure: I attended one year of college, but decided not to complete my studies as I had already been a full-time radio guy for several years by that time. (Hey, I was on the Dean's List both semesters though) In case you hadn't guessed, radio doesn't require much of an education. You just need to be able to talk - a lot. My point is I cast no stones toward any university since their worst student is likely smarter than me. I am just the messenger, but I will say that poor graduation and salary rates from a Missouri university like this is pathetic.

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