Normally when you ask a question, there is only one correct answer. That's not true when it comes to the issue of what the deepest lake in Wisconsin is. It really does depend on who you ask and how you phrase the question.

This rabbit trail I ended up on started with a simple curiosity. As I wondered about adventuring to Wisconsin's deepest lake, I found more than one answer and they're both right - sort of.

The first right answer I found about Wisconsin's deepest lake is Wazee Lake which Wikipedia says plunges down 355 feet. Deepest lake in Wisconsin, right? Yes, but...

There's one problem with Lake Wazee. It's a man-made lake which matters to many in Wisconsin (don't ask me how I know). 

The deepest natural inland lake in Wisconsin is Green Lake which still dives down to an impressive depth of 237 feet according to Wikipedia.

There's also a third answer you'll sometimes get if you don't specify "inland". The deepest lake that rubs against Wisconsin is Lake Superior which is also the deepest Great Lake with a maximum depth of 1,332 feet.

Now you can see why I am afraid to ask questions sometimes. One simple question led me to this snipe hunt of the Wisconsin lake variety. All 3 are worthy adventure destinations. It just depends on what your lake priorities are.

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