I have seen many homes in my Missouri neighborhoods that have stars on the front and not really thought much about it. However, I've learned that for some, the home stars have a deeper meaning and if you believe one theory, somewhat naughty, too.

It's not unusual for a barn to have a star on it, but why are so many Missouri homes also decorated with them?

According to what I've learned as the video above mentions, the stars began back when the Pennsylvania Dutch put them on buildings to symbolize the escape from religious persecution in the 18th century.

There is also a belief that the first house stars that began appearing in Missouri and other parts of America were placed there because the home owners believed they would bring good luck. Did it work? Asking for a friend.

There's a fun article on Yahoo Life that infers some in the early 2000's implied the star on the front of the house meant the couple inside were "swingers". Awkward...

I've never known anyone who put a star on their home for a sordid reason, but I do know several who display a star to symbolize that someone in the home has served their country in the armed forces. Very honorable. 

There's one final assumption you can make when you see Missouri homes with stars these days. Most that I know who have them just think it's a cool decoration and nothing more. That's right. Not everything has to have a deeper meaning. Who would have thought it?

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