You will notice a definite change at Missouri and Illinois Target stores beginning this weekend as a sweeping policy change will directly affect your experience especially in the checkout area where you pay for your stuff.

This word doesn't come from a third-party reporter, but directly from Target's corporate site and it begins this Sunday, March 17, 2024. The changes are something that their press release says will hopefully "enhance your checkout experience". Whether it will or not will depend on how many items you're paying for.

Here's what you will find that's new at all Missouri and Illinois Target stores starting Sunday morning:

  • To go through express self-checkout, you will need to have 10 or fewer items
  • They are opening what they describe as more "traditional" lanes manned by checkers
  • They say that Missouri and Illinois Target store managers will have more flexibility to open more traditional lanes and move staff around when needed
  • Target says they're going to provide more and better training to checkout personnel

The two takeaways involve the new limit on how many items can be taken through self-checkout. I wonder if they will have staff regulating the customers going through this express self-checkout area or will the self-checkout point of sale systems be directly limiting purchases to 10 items?

The inclusion of more traditional lanes will likely make many people happy as reports say that customers are becoming fed up with too much emphasis being put on self-checkout.

You can read the full Target press release for more details on how Missouri and Illinois Target stores will change starting Sunday, March 17, 2024.

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