I've happily gone through my life fairly naive. This is one of those things I'm glad I now know, but also kind of wish I didn't. Did you know there are many who claim if you see fruit on a gas pump in Missouri that you should leave immediately? It's true and many say you're in danger if you see it happen.

I had never heard of this before and am happy to report that despite gassing up in Missouri probably a zillion times in my life, I've never seen fruit there. Danny Hill shared this video on Instagram which says there's a sinister reason why some are leaving fruit on a gas pump.

Danny's assertion is that fruit on a gas pump is a secret handshake of sorts between drug dealers and their customers. Really?

I've never ever even experimented with drugs in my life nor do I recommend it for anyone else either. However, I recognize there is a culture that lurks beneath the surface in Missouri that does.

Is this phenomenon for real? I cannot verify that I've ever seen it, but like I said at the beginning, I tend to be naive. Better to know what's possible with this fruit on a Missouri gas pump thing and never see it than to not know and accidentally get caught up in something dangerous.

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