Have you ever learned a fact and almost immediately wished you hadn't? That's exactly what's just happened to me as I now know there are 568 current reports of bed bugs in Missouri motels right now and I cannot erase that fact from my mind.

I stumbled across this website called Bed Bug Reports and it's an extremely helpful and equally disturbing database of the latest reports of gnarly bugs in Missouri. I made the mistake of asking it for a current total and this is the horrifying result it gave me.

Bed Bug Reports
Bed Bug Reports

I've omitted the town and the location as I don't know for a fact that these have been vetted, but here's a sample of one recent Missouri vacation report:

Anonymous - "I stayed at the **** *** in ********, Mo on 9/2/2023 at **** ****** ******. Two days later, my mom had several bite marks on her neck and all down her back. They were even on her legs."

Here's another chiller from the Kansas City area:

Anonymous - "I was alone in room and was laying on my bed watching a movie and I got up to use the bathroom. When I came back I noticed a black bug on the bed, so never seeing a bed bug before I just knocked it on the floor. Then I turned the lights off to watch the movie in the dark and I noticed a bug crawling on my pajamas."

You can search any motel in any Missouri town and it will give you visitor reports about what they encountered there. I had a hard time finding a Missouri attraction or destination that did NOT have a bed bug report.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to curl up in the corner and never leave my house again.

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