I was given the nickname of "Doc" 37 years ago, but that's as close as I've gotten to becoming an actual doctor. This just in. Being called "Doc" also does not make me a medical expert either. That being said, I've learned there are 38 Wisconsin hospitals who received the lowest ratings for patient safety for Spring 2024.

To be clear, this is not me rating hospitals. No, this new ranking which was just updated for Spring 2024 by Hospital Safety Grade shows the 38 lowest-rated Wisconsin hospital. The good news is the lowest grade that any Wisconsin hospital received was a "C" which speaks well about medical care in the state.

The methodology behind these ratings involved support for hospital staff, accidents and problems with infections. Here are the Wisconsin hospitals that received "C" grades:

That's quite a list, but keep in mind that "C" really isn't that bad of a grade. I also wouldn't make a judgement on what hospital I entrust my health to based on just one website ranking. Hospital Safety Grade is a good place to start though when it comes to beginning your own research on where you'll get medical care.

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