Some do's and don'ts are common sense. Don't step on Superman's cape. Don't spit into the wind. And, don't run if you're a milkman in St. Louis. That last one is a real thing by the way.

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I happened upon this fun conversation on Quora about some of the dumbest Missouri laws. One in particular caught my eye. It says this:

In St. Louis, Missouri it is illegal for a milkman to run while on the clock

Out of curiosity, I did some "research" and found multiple sources confirming this is the one thing you dare not do while delivering the fruit of cows in St. Louis. Only In Your State mentioned it in one of their articles years ago. Grunge (the website) mentioned it. Stupid Laws (appropriate name) said it too.

In a wild coincidence, comedian Benny Hill had a big hit back in 1971 about a running milkman. Makes me wonder if the "running milkman" in St. Louis law had something to do with this. Hmm.

For what it's worth, NPR shared an article a couple years ago about how milkmen (and milk ladies) were making a comeback and home delivery of dairy was in fact a thing again. If that's true, just be careful you don't do it too quick if you're in St. Louis otherwise the police will be chasing you down.

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