When I think of colleges and universities in Missouri, the first one that comes to mind is the University of Missouri obviously. The internet is claiming that while Mizzou might come to mind first, it's not the best according to their science. Let's see how right (or wrong) they are.

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I saw this new top 25 ranking on Stacker. It's based on several different factors, so perhaps I should open my mind to what they believe are the top 25 places of higher learning in the Show Me State.

I won't share their entire list as it includes the usual suspects like Mizzou and Truman State University, but I will focus on the college they believe is best and that's Washington University.

Why the internet believes Washington University is the best college in Missouri

Acceptance rate: 16%
Net price: $27,233
Enrollment: 7,348 (4:1 student to teacher ratio)
Overall Niche grade: A+
Academics grade: A+
Value grade: A+
Diversity grade: A+

This just in. I've never seen that many A+'s in my life. My grade cards when I went to school in Missouri had different letters many of which started with the first letter of "flunk".

I've never known anyone that attended Washington University which is probably a compliment to that school. I do recognize that a 4 to 1 student to teacher ratio is healthy though.

This is just me talking, but the price of higher education has always been staggering. When you do the math (which admittedly I should have done more of), you owe a small fortune by the time you graduate. Many earn exponentially that much back so I'm not disrespecting a college education. It just seems like perhaps it's not attainable for all of us.

All that being said, congrats to Washington University for getting mad college props for maybe being the best in Missouri.

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