Sometimes when I see a location declared "the best" at anything, I wonder to myself if this is something we all voted on or did someone just make it up? That's why I share what is allegedly the best steakhouse in Missouri. If the internet is right about this, the place is located just off of historic Route 66.

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I found this article by Mashed almost completely by accident. It is (and I quote) "The Best Steakhouse In Every State". They don't mention how or why they came to the conclusion that Matt's Steakhouse in Rolla is THE place to get delicious steak. They just...said it.

I want to clarify that I'm not doubting that Matt's Steakhouse is great. Based on comments I saw on their Facebook page, people love Matt and his steaks. Good for him.

Looking at the Mashed article, it seems they give him mad props not just for his steak, but the laid back atmosphere there. That's Rolla, so...

My only issue is the declaration of "best steakhouse in Missouri" doesn't seem to be based on an average of Yelp reviews or interviews with cows (hey, it could happen). Mashed just said it and I can practically guarantee that people who share their article will just accept that it is so.

Until I can road trip to Matt's Steakhouse to test this best steakhouse theory, I will include the word "allegedly". It's only fair to all the other hard-working steakhouses in Missouri.

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