Thanks to a stronger than expected solar storm, the Northern Lights are visible Sunday night over northern Illinois. Thanks to a generous photographer, you can see the stunning pics of this amazing sky display.

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Special thanks to Landon Moeller who just so happens to be a photographer with a talent for taking pictures of the sky and filtering out the light pollution that makes it hard to witness the aurora borealis with the naked eye. He shared these stunning photos on the Illinois Weather Facebook page tonight.

Forbes mentioned that the solar flare and explosions on the sun may cause the northern lights to be visible further south than expected and they were right on with that prediction.

The National Weather Service mentions that an extreme solar event can cause power grid problems. The storm that's currently underway isn't at that level, but it is a strong one.

Thanks again to Landon Moeller for allowing me to share his stellar (literally) pics of the northern lights. We don't get to see sights like this very often in our part of America.

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